Assam and North-East India: Christian Cemeteries and Memorials 1783-2003

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EILEEN HEWSON has travelled throughout the north-east Indian state of Assam recording the memorial inscriptions found in isolated graveyards on tea estates, churches hospitals, and other places. Her surveys are published in ASSAM and NORTH-EAST INDIA Christian Cemeteries and Memorials 1783-2003.

Two books DIGBOI WAR CEMETERY and GUWAHATI WAR CEMETERY complete the trilogy and give full details of the allied forces personnel who fell in the fight against the Japanese. The foreign nationals mainly from the Indian sub-continent serving with the British forces have been included.

Review from Family Tree June 2006

Think of Assam and one instantly thinks of tea and tea planters, burra sahibs all, sons of the British empire. Yet Eileen Hewson’s latest book of memorial inscriptions from the sub-continent upon which the British left an indebile mark is about much more than planters. What about ‘On this spot was murdered Noel Williamson, Assistant Political Officer, Sadiya, 31st March 1911’, or Anne Parker ‘the faithful and affectionate wife of Mr J.P.Parker, architect, Calcutta’, who died of fever on a boat at Goalpara Ghat on 28th November 1849 ‘whilst proceeding to Tezpur’. The British swarmed to India and they died there in swarms in their twenties, thirties and forties in accidents with animals, from drowning, of jungle fever, from dysentery and even ‘dyspepsia’ (clearly something rather more serious than mere indigestion).

This is yet another useful and diverting collection from Eileen Hewson, with an short introduction, and an index of names which includes the burial/memorial site as well as page reference, plus a short bibliography. There are a few representative photographs. A must for those with interests in the area.

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