List of European Tombs in the Bellary District with Inscriptions Thereon

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This book was first printed in India in 1894 as an A4 booklet and was the forerunner to the revised and enlarged edition detailing inscriptions in the Madras Presidency published in 1904. Bellary in the Indian state of Karnataka was a British Cantonment and the deaths are those of army personnel and their families. The most common cause of death was cholera which swept through young and old alike. No one was spared, even the veterans of many campaigns were wiped out in a flash. There was no cure. As the inscriptions are in date order, an index has been added by EILEEN HEWSON for easy reference.

Author J.J.Cotton edited by Eileen Hewson
Publisher The Kabristan Archives
Pub date 2008
Pages 65
ISBN 1906276188

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