First published in book format EARLY BURIALS MONAGHAN 1625-1800 (ISBN 190627603).

A collection of 1000 plus memorials from written records and surveys of the old graveyards in County Monaghan.

There are snippets of history concerning the important clans, the McMahons who ruled the county and the McKennas who were one of the most spectacular families and the stuff of legends in the old Kingdom of Oriel until they finally lost everything to the Planters. Some of them left the country and found fame and fortune elsewhere. Then there were the others who served them and came from as far away as the Hebrides during Norman times. The immigrants mainly Scottish Presbyterians proved of stern stuff when things went against them so they left for Salem New York led by their charismatic minister Revd Thomas Clarke who had buried his wife and child in a grave at Cahans. Some of them died in the American Civil War. Their graves are included . In the book you will find many old families both Roman Catholic and Protestant whose descendants still live in the area, a poignant reminder of County Monaghan’s past glory.

Author Eileen Hewson FRGS
Publisher The Kabristan Archives
Pub date 2015
ISBN 9781906276805

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