Signpost to Eyrecourt: Portrait of the Eyre Family Triumphant in the Cause of Liberty circa 1415-1856


This historic account has its turning point in Wiltshire at the time the Civil War with links to the Peakland in Derbyshire to the bogs in Connaught. The Wiltshire Eyres were predominantly Catholic and Cavalier whilst the direct line had turned Protestant. In 1640 Eyre of Brickworth, High Sheriff of Wiltshire, refused to pay ship-money to King Charles I and subsequently became a hero to his family and by default paved the way to Ireland. The Eyre family were seen to be afraid of no one and untainted by the lust for power. There are three family pedigrees.

Ida Gantz, Kingsmead Press, Rosewell House, Bath 1975 1st ed Illus family pedigrees 216 pages HB with dust jacket very good ISBN 901571709

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