Graveyards in Ceylon: Tea Country Vol III

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A collection of memorials (about 800 names) found in the graveyards of the tea country of Ceylon from surveys and other written records is recorded in this publication, the first since 1913. Several tombstones have been lost from the early 20th century survey but many others were found in this later one in 2008-09. The churches similar to those found in any English village formed the basis of a community founded by the estate owners mainly Scots and their workers. They also gave the expats a sense of home.

A quick look through the graveyards gives an emerging pattern and shows the stranglehold that some families had on the tea industry where dynasties were established through marriage and nepotism prevailed. Depending on British management and investment and cheap imported labour from South India, tea became the major industry of Ceylon as it is to this day.

The names behind the memorials together with some biographical details give a fascinating insight into the planters who created the tea trade in Ceylon.

Author Eileen Hewson
Publisher The Kabristan Archives 2009
Pages 57
ISBN 1906276250

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